Hi again. A bit overdue this one, but I’ve been wrapped up in work whilst trying to fit in a hectic painting schedule! Only one week to go to Throne of Skulls, and I’ve still got the Sicaran to paint.

That aside, I did finish the two Contemptors as planned so i’ll show those off first. Close up of the legs showing the paint chipping. This is prior to the wash being applied.


I find it much easier to paint everything is small sub-assemblies and then stick it all together. In the past I glued the models together before painting, but then got frustrated when I couldn’t get to all parts of the model with a brush. This method helps break down the painting into smaller chunks, so if I don’t have a lot of time, I can still feel productive.


So, onto the finished models then. I’m really pleased with how they both look, so much so that I’m now planning a third to make a Contemptor Talon. The Death Guard Contemptor is my favourite design, with a MkIII look to it. Its a shame you can’t mix and match the parts, as I’d like a World Eaters Contemptor but with the Death Guard shoulders. Maybe something to think of for later.




So, with the Dreadnoughts completed, the Whirlwind Scorpius are up next. They’re actually almost finished, so the next update will be a lot sooner. Thanks again, and see you next time.