Hi again everyone. I can’t believe it’s been over three month since I updated this, but I kinda burned out after painting up the Fists ready for Throne of Skulls.

Anyway, I’m back painting again, and this time I’ve got myself an airbrush to play with! So let’s get back to the Spartan.

Like so many of Forgeworlds larger kits, the Spartan brought with it some challenges. The main hull goes together quite well, along with the hull sides which fit nicely against the hull without many large gaps. It is well known that the Spartans track links are made in the Warp, and are sent to frustrate mankind. It took about an hour to jiggle everything into place, having to splice two track links on each side to make it fit. I made the splice on the top, when it would have been better made on the bottom, and therefore hidden better. Never mind.


So, by the time I’d made the Spartan, I’d also bought an airbrush from Element Games, and rather nice it is too. Put off using it for over two weeks as I was a bit daunted by it all. However, since I’ve taken the plunge, it’s been a great asset. Painting large models such would have taken at least twice as long without it.


The base coat went on nice and smooth, and even painting the track was a breeze. I’m still getting used to it, it still feels a little awkward in my hand, but as they say, practice makes perfect. I also tried my hand at using oil paints for the first time too. Again, still getting used to the different techniques, but it’s coming along ok. Here’s a shot of the finished hull, complete with sponge weathering and oil wash!


I really am happy with how it turned out, considering I dived straight in with the airbrush and the oil washes. “Do, or do not, there is no try” said Yoda. With just the sponsons to go, it was almost complete.

Now, the sponsons were very complex, and as a result, I forgot to take any pictures. Were I would normally leave models unassembled to ease painting, it was not an option with these. The paint job is ok on them, but I’d have rather painted them in two halves. Anyway, here is the finished beast!




Hope you guys like it. Again, any questions about the model, feel free to ask me. Be back real soon as I’ve already started my next little project. Cheers!