Leviathan Dreadnought part 3.

The Leviathan is finished for now. I’m going to go back and add a little bit more weathering, mostly streaking and add pigments to the base, but I need to start another project.





I’ve loved painting this, but I really enjoy working on dreadnoughts anyway. Just like my Castellax in my Mechanicum army, big stompy robots are cool!


6 thoughts on “Leviathan Dreadnought part 3.”

  1. That looks cracking! I’m not a fan of the contemptor style (I know – I’m pretty much alone in the world on this issue) but the Leviathan is much more to my liking. You’ve done a grand job with him.

      1. Not slagging GW, FW are a smaller and, presumably, more tightly knit team so it must be easier for them, but they do seem much better at being open with their customer base – or springing surprises on us when they want to.

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