Hi everyone. Here’s a look at the first Sicaran Battle Tank for my Iron Hands Legion. The Sicaran is a great kit, and very popular with a lot of players – both for its ease of construction, as well as it’s performance on the games table.

I painted up this one as a HQ tank for use in an Armoured Spearhead Rite of War. To make it stand out as a HQ tank, I took inspiration from WW2 armoured vehicles, adding a loop aerial to the turret and modelled a tank commander in the cupola.

The identification on the hull was based on WW2 German Panzer markings, the “R” prefix denoting a Regimental command vehicle. The decals I used are from Warlord Games and designed to compliment their “Bolt Action” WW2 wargame. The range is 28mm scale which is perfect for Space Marine vehicles. The plan is to number my Predator Squadrons in the same style.